Friday, May 21, 2021

***RELEASE BLITZ*** Ensnared by Silence by H.J. Marshall

Ensnared by Silence by H.J. Marshall

Series: Embattled Dreams; Book 3
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

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If misery loves company, why was I better off alone?

I was saved from a nightmare and left in the darkness, suffering through my pain alone. No family, no home, and no one to care if I lived or died, I walked through life with a fake smile and a hardened heart. My silence spoke a thousand words, but no one heard them... until he saw past my pain and helped me discover my voice.

He healed the broken parts of me and twisted my pain into pleasure, giving me experiences beyond my wildest dreams. With his touch, I found a peace that gave me hope for the first time in my life. But hope can be dangerous when real monsters still circled, just out of sight.

Those who broke me are there waiting to destroy the good parts of my life, damning me to anguish and despair. As the past catches up with me, buried secrets from the past shake my foundation to the core, and the monsters won't stop until they pull me back into the nightmare.

Once the truth is finally revealed, will the nightmare overtake me, dragging me back into the darkness? 

When I finally speak, will anyone believe me, or will I be destined to live in silence?

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