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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Fatal Harmony by Anne Malcom

Title: Fatal Harmony Series: The Vein Chronicles #1 Author: Anne Malcom Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: January 31, 2017

I may be the villain of the story, but at least I get a leading role.
Evil is a term thrown around history and literature as if it's something so easily definable. A concept to fight against.
Evil doesn’t exist.
Neither does ‘good.’
Vampires do, though.
I just happen to be one.
I’ve cruised through the centuries managing to avoid all the wars, supernatural and human, but still going to all the best parties.
I would say I avoided bloodshed, but it’s kind of part of the whole ‘vampire’ thing.
I’ve lived on the fringes of a society that considered cruelty and sadism favorable character traits for almost five hundred years. Now I'm in the middle of a war that might just put my nonbeating heart in a lot of danger.
Battles, I can handle.
The impossible attraction between me and the vampire slayer, not to mention the penetrating gaze of the king of our rac…

***RELEASE BLITZ*** Hot and Cold by Amy Briggs & Mikey Lee

He's unable to resist her. He refuses to give up on her.
Hot and Cold release Blitz
"Firefighters AND cops? Amy Briggs AND Mikey Lee? This is kind of a no-brainer to pick up. Who can say no to firefighters, cops, Amy Briggs, AND Mikey Lee? Really? No one." ~ Kristin ~ Book Lovers Obsession ★ BUY NOW Amazon US: Amazon UK: Free in KU!
"I LOVED this book! It's got crime, mystery, drama, and ohh yeah SEX!!~ Goodreads Reviewer ADDit on Goodreads:
Blurb: Dani Moore has been burned. Still recovering emotionally from a recent assault, Dani spends her days blogging and riding around with her brother, a homicide detective. She's going through the motions with no real hope of ever getting back to "normal life." But when she meets Scott Walker, the city's new arson investigator, the heat between them is undeniable.Scott's the nicest guy she's ever met. And it doesn't hurt that he's …

***RELEASE BLITZ & EXCERPT*** Bound to Me by Christy Pastore

Title: Bound to Me Series: The Harbour #1 Author: Christy Pastore Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 24, 2017

We set the rules…

Well, I set the rules… he agreed.

I left before we could break them, or so I thought I had…

Ella Connolly is looking forward to starting a new adventure in her life. After putting her party girl, headline-grabbing tabloid exploits behind her, she has become a responsible and successful entrepreneur. Moving across the pond to Manhattan, she’s determined to make the dream for her boutique to become an international retail brand come true.

While in the States, her overprotective brother insists she have a full-time security detail. This complicates Ella’s plans in more ways than one.

Alex Robertsen’s life is in shambles. After losing the woman he loves to his brother, he’s been on a steady diet of booze and easy women in an effort to make himself numb. Things needed to change.

Change is good.

Good, that is, until Alex finds himself th…

***RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY*** Embody by SE Hall

Title: Embody Author: S.E. Hall Genre: New Adult Romance My world changed when I met Bellamy Morgan. Just one problem — she's my little sister's best friend. I'm not "damaged." No horrible childhood or demons in my past I'm trying to outrun. In fact, my family is ideal — funny, supportive and filled with couples that all follow "our" golden rule: Find her. Protect her. Love only her, with everything you are, every day, for the rest of your life. So why is it the mere thought of a monogamous relationship, more than one night with the same woman, sends me bolting in the other direction? Because I hadn't met Bellamy Morgan yet. When I do cross paths with her, everything starts to slowly make sense. Why men change overnight — suddenly blind to all women but her, happy to hold her purse and watch corny movies. Just one problem — she's my little sister's best friend. Embody is a spin-off, STANDALONE novel from the bestselling Evolve Series…

***BLOG TOUR*** Reginald Bones Parts One & Two by Lucian Bane

Cover Designer: Sabre Gray & Bane Cover Studio Release Date: January 27th 2017 Add it to your GOODREADS Bones should have known allowing Reginald to "date" a woman would end badly. And if he'd known how badly, he would have never allowed it. But it's too late. She's in their life, she's in their mind, and she's in their basement with a death wish. And after discovering her dirty secrets, Bones is ready to oblige her. AMAZONUS / UK / AUS AMAZONUS / UK / AUS Bones is hell-bent on hiding from the world.
Reginald is hell-bent on living in it.

Bones vowed to never talk to women again.
Reginald is falling for the one that visits their graveyard.

The problem is, Reginald and Bones share the same body.
And when Bones gives an inch to accommodate Reginald
His dark past returns to devour them whole. I’m a husband and author, and I may be a little religious about both. I like writing hot sex and encapsulating it in the delicate white silk of devotion, commitment, and may…

***PRE ORDER BLITZ*** Silver Swan by Amo Jones

PRE ORDER BLITZ TITLE: The Silver Swan SERIES: Elite Kings #1 AUTHOR: Amo Jones Special price of $1.99 until release day, and then it's going back to 2.99! Amazon US -  Apple -  Amazon UK -  Kobo -  Amazon AU - B&N - Riddle me this...“I am neither dead, nor alive, and I’m not something little Madison can hide. But you will be dead, by the time this is done... the timer starts now, and the games have just begun…” Madison Montgomery comes from money and power, but when someone close to her commits the ultimate crime, Madison must live with her tainted name for the rest of her life. When she begins Riverside Preparatory Academy, the private school her father has swept her into in The Hamptons, she hopes for a fresh start. What she wasn't hoping for was the pack of bad boys who run the school; ten, to be exact. When Madison gains the attention of th…

***BLOG TOUR & EXCERPT*** Honey Bee by Heather Shere

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 Love can be as sweet as honey, or it can sting like a bee. Bo Smith knows that if you go looking for honey, you get stung, so he has his life just how he wants it. No hassles, no complications, and no heartache. As the handsome high school athletics coach, he would be the pick of the small town he grew up in...if he was into commitment, or dating...or even calling back. But he has sworn off anything resembling a future and his mind isn't going to change. Then his eyes lock on the new girl in town...She’s beautiful, intelligent, and full of surprises. Just the kind of complication he has been avoiding. Sophia Brown is looking for the sweet simple life. She has it all planned out. Getting used to life alone isn't easy, but she has her garden, her bees, and her dog Triton to tend to…

***RELEASE BOOST*** If I Dream by K.M. Scott

Title: If I Dream Series: Corrupted Love #1 Author: K.M. Scott Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 24, 2017

If I dream, will you dare?

All I wanted was my freedom. It's all I'd dreamed of from the first time I stood in the ring. Until I entered Robert Erickson's world. Until Serena. Cruelty and ugliness surrounded me, but she was beautiful and good. I wanted to protect her from her father's world, even though I knew being with her could mean the end of me.

I wanted for nothing as the daughter of one of the richest men in the world. But all my father's money couldn't buy what I truly craved. Until Ryder. I wanted all he was, all he brought out in me. All he made me desire.

Our love was forbidden by the one person who had the power to harm us. We dreamed of more than living in that world, though. We dreamed of having it all, but did we dare?


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