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**RE-RELEASE TOUR** The One Way by Ted Persinger‏

The One Way
by Ted Persinger

The black eye of unmerciful ruin turned on Danny Shields one day. Hot May afternoon. Carjacking gone wrong. He stares into the eyes of his dying wife. He fails to protect her...he gives way to panic and fear. On that roadside black asphalt everything he holds dear is crushed under the cruel heel of the gods. Home, career, and investments all become meaningless to him in that crack of a gun. The shame of his reaction overcomes him, and he is unable to adequately cope with the loss he feels responsible for. He has to leave. Every news report condemns him. Every murmur judges him. Every aspect of his life reminds him of his loss. He travels to Mexico to relive their brief honeymoon. After falling ill, he begins a "one way" trip...only moving forward and never going back. He becomes morally ambiguous. Danny travels to Cambodia and Thailand, all in an attempt to find build a new life after his old life resets to zero. He's on a collision course with karma and fate. 

The One Way is a character-driven novel that explores Danny's travels and changing life view over a one-year period.

About the Author....Ted Persinger
I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I spent my high school years under-achieving academically, while simultaneously trying my hand in music. I played in a few bands, but enjoyed little success (but had a LOT of fun!). I joined the Air Force at the ripe old age of 20, really more in the hope of getting some basic skills. I found myself 24 years later retiring. Throughout my long career, I found myself reading and dreaming of becoming a writer, though my work always got in the way.

After a short time in the private sector, which I didn't enjoy, I moved overseas and became a high school English teacher in international schools. I spent most of my time based in Thailand, but traveled throughout Europe and Asia. The work was fantastic, the students were wonderful, and I enjoyed my time immensely. Traveling and seeing the world is every bit as amazing as it sounds.

Being an English teacher forced me to dig in deeply to literature, far more than I had ever before. Over the 5 years I taught, I gained much greater insights into what writing really is. I think it took being an English teacher to inspire me and provide the discernment I needed to finally write. I now see a path to putting my amorphous ideas into a (hopefully) readable structure. 

So here I am...finally writing! Every page teaches me more, and I know I have a lot of room to grow. And grow I shall. I hope you'll share the journey with me. 

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